WoW Leveling Guide 1-85 Montage | Dugi Guides

- September 4, 2016



download the guide at

Shows you a montage of Dugi’s leveling guide in action. Watch how a character power levels from 1-85 in 5 days.

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  • this guide is very good :)

    fizz - 36 months ago

  • It works so well, worth to buy it :D

    FX Souvay - 40 months ago

  • This is truly one of the best things i have ever bought. Folks don't hesitate just buy it.

    wew lad - 51 months ago

  • i have been playing LOTRO but its hard to find the right place to do quest. and i played wow back when i was like 11 now im 15. and back then i sucked so im probably going to start back. how much is the monthy fee for the game and does the guide have a monthy fee as well or pay only one time?

    Bobby Pendley - 51 months ago

  • Using a guide will get much faster for people like me that arent te fast leveling persons. it will get you better routes and includes like professions and all things. (You can Look that up on the website ^^) Well of course hardcore gamers are alot faster but you dont need to buy tis guide.

    Yumi Nocturne - 52 months ago

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