How to get World of Warcraft Dugi Guides addon v8.056 (legion) for FREE 9/1/16

- September 4, 2016



The World of Warcaft Dugi Guides addon is an addon for fast leveling and rep grinding.

Blizzard states in their TOS All add-ons must be distributed free of charge. Developers may not create

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  • Hey guys/girls I just wanted to let you know I started posting updates on my twitter and facebook for those who dont like to constantly check youtube. Please make sure you are visiting my profiles to get legitimate updates and not an imposters profile, the links to my profiles are in the bottom of the description of all of my videos.

    I hope you all have a fun day and game on!

    WaysOfTheWarrior - 7 months ago

  • The url don't work anymore

    Herman Sluyter - 3 months ago

  • Any chance on an update... 8.206 just released (Jan 12, 2017)?

    Gaellin O'Rourke - 3 months ago

  • do you have the update for 7.1.5 Legion patch?

    Patrício Brás - 3 months ago

  • The zygor add-on is only opening the pandaren leveling guide, so I'm trying dugi this time. I wish the zygor would keep buggin like that though :<

    lolmaemae - 4 months ago

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